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5 years of dbz-dude!!!

2011-09-26 18:51:31 by dbz-dude

Well can you beileve how time flys!! Already its been 5 years since i first signed up to newgrounds in september all them years ago.Just to celebrate this occasion i will be releasing new un heard versions of tracks,that i have been remixing and remaking for the last 5 years classics such as the mgs2 rock theme(which for some reason has gained over 5k views!!) will get an up to date version,also ill be releasing new tracks from video games i havent covered yet such as the megaman,starfox,metroid and many more!!! some from me,sorry i havent been active(i must have said this a handful of times now)time to do this sort of stuff has been a bit tight lately but the show must go on!!!!


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2011-09-26 19:46:15

How rarely you contribute to the blogs at least, many of us even remember you.

dbz-dude responds:

ah yes the blog thing,i go on there every now and again


2011-09-26 19:46:38

Gak! Hardly any of us remember you.

dbz-dude responds:

that is because i prefer to be part of the newgrounds underground scene ;)


2011-10-15 20:00:35

HoHoHo :) exactly ;)


2011-10-15 20:02:48

To me the forums here are full of trolls...I can't get a decent response most of the time and I had people telling me stupid things when I knew I was posting something to the correct place.. It just pissed me off how idiotic they act towards users which is why Ive always been in the underground like you posting stuff but never saying much. Which is how it shall stay. I think the amount of stuff the world has posted to newgrounds audio portal there's always going to be enough audio now and for ever for any flash maker ever. LOL..

dbz-dude responds:

you've got it spot on! totally agree with you there


2011-12-21 13:52:48

Right On Goku!Right On!