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5 years of dbz-dude!!!

2011-09-26 18:51:31 by dbz-dude

Well can you beileve how time flys!! Already its been 5 years since i first signed up to newgrounds in september all them years ago.Just to celebrate this occasion i will be releasing new un heard versions of tracks,that i have been remixing and remaking for the last 5 years classics such as the mgs2 rock theme(which for some reason has gained over 5k views!!) will get an up to date version,also ill be releasing new tracks from video games i havent covered yet such as the megaman,starfox,metroid and many more!!! some from me,sorry i havent been active(i must have said this a handful of times now)time to do this sort of stuff has been a bit tight lately but the show must go on!!!!

Im still alive

2011-08-25 19:15:09 by dbz-dude

Nope im not gone just yet people i know some of my last submissions havent been quality lately but ive been in quite a bit of a rush altho i will be releasing some new orchestral pieces that i have spent a couple of weeks mybe a month working on.The first of these piece will be from the final fantasy seires and ones that i havent covered before ,altho i might have a remake that will suprise a few of u ;) wanna know what it is.i cant tell u but u will know what it is when it comes out,here is a hint its from ff9 its one ive done a few times and its not the battle theme?still guessing,your not alone people

ALBUM DOWNLOAD:LINKS SUPER GAMEBOY64(download link in description)

2011-02-19 11:34:24 by dbz-dude

well here it is people a new year and of course my first vg album,which includes gameboy remixs of legendary zelda tunes from the nes,snes,gameboy and has begun on the 2nd album so if you have any request on what should be on it just send us a post.the 2nd album will be focusing on zelda tunes from the gameboy advance onwards.

Links Super Gameboy64

Download here

alternate download link

ALBUM DOWNLOAD:LINKS SUPER GAMEBOY64(download link in description)

time to get serious

2011-01-07 14:21:02 by dbz-dude

i now have an arsenal of new synths at my disposal and will start and upload arrangement you could only dream of! starting with the legend of zelda

thats right im joint admin to the revival of is the site for ocean group fans and for people who watched dbz in the uk like myself it is going to be the place were you can download the ocean group version of kai and watch many other animes,you can discuss various topic with other members like video games and there are even threads for the epic japanese and funimation fans,if you grew up in the uk watching dbz or if you like the various dubs of dbz thn please join our forum at

Its over 100!!!!

2010-06-14 15:27:05 by dbz-dude

yup thats right people i finally have 100 users with me in there favorite artist list.And just to celebrate the ocasion i will do orchestral requests, sega remake requestsand nes remake requests they can be any of your favorite songs from your favorite games.


Its over 100!!!!

no more soundfont

2010-03-25 17:15:47 by dbz-dude

soundfonts nd midi's are a waste of time,the qualiy of the finished products are no from now on myself and tantalus will try to provide the best possible quality songs/loops on newgrounds.To hear what we are capable of please listen to the loops pokemon: champion rock battle and zelda:tal tal heights remix.

sega soundfont!!

2009-11-21 17:55:13 by dbz-dude

up its true there is a new sega megadrive/genesis for the next couple of weeks im gonna upload a few songs using it. :)

back to colledge

2009-09-14 13:38:09 by dbz-dude

Today is the start of what im going to be doing for the next year or so,and once again ill be busy. But dont worry as ill find the time to make more remakes, remixs, EWQL remakes etc.So just give me some time and ill post more :)


2009-07-26 15:08:45 by dbz-dude

In the next couple of weeks i will help continue a final fantasy re-orchestral project called FFREO.Most of the stuff i will upload will be final fantasy,if anyone has any re orchestra requests feel free i to send me a message.